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Science Teacher Help Software :: Frequently Asked Question

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

Windows 9x users may need to download and install Third-party tools before running Science Teacher Helper. Click here to download the updates.

Question 1:

Error message is as follows:

"a required DLL file, MSVBVM60.DLL was not found; Unable to execute file:
C:/Program Files/Science Teacher Helper/; createProcess failed; code 1157;
One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found."

Visual Basic (VB) is programming language and programs created with it depend on access to "libraries" that extend the languages functionality. These libraries aren't distributed with the actual programs as you only need to install them one time.

You only need to download each runtime once. This goes for any VB 6.0 software you download. The runtime files are shared among all VB 6.0 software on your computer.

VB 6.0 Basic Runtimes
Download(1,055,456 bytes):


Notes: While installing, you may be prompted about the file being older than the one you already have. Always choose the option to keep your newer file.

Question 2:

I am attempting to download the program but all I get is a "Setup Files Corrupt" message. Why?

That is caused by a downloading error. Try downloading it again from our site. Furthermore, using a third-part downloading software for example GetRight, FlashGet or NetAnts other than your browser is also a good choice. If the problem still remains, please clear your windows temperary directory first.

Question 3:

Can I give my Software to my friends?

We are happy to see you are willing to share our Software trial with your friends, but for the reasons of copyrights, you couldn't share our Software for the sake of friendship.

Question 4:

Is the upgrade free?

Yes,once you've registered the software, it's free to small upgrade, for example v2.1 to v2.2;.

Question 5:

What happens after I send in the order?

You will receive an email that confirm your order within 24 hours after you choose the online order form. At the same time, you will receive your registration number.

Question 6:

Where can I download the newest version of our Software?

You can go to our website to download the newest version of Aare Software.

Question 7:

I find some bugs in our Software, how to resolve them? Otherwise I find some translation is incorrect, how to do?

If you find some bugs or translation errors, please Email to submit these bugs.

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